SBS 2023 Setup Instructions


The 1909 Association will be on hand at 8:30 AM to help you find your space if you need help. If you arrive after 10 AM please be advised, you will not be permitted to drive on Simmons Avenue or Crouch Street.

You may not for any length of time park in another vendor’s space.

No vehicles will be allowed on Simmons Avenue, Main Street, or Crouch Street after 10:00 AM. These streets become public walkways after 10:00 AM. It is illegal to drive on public walkways.

Please drop your items at your space prior to 10:00 AM (preferably by 9:30 AM) and go find parking at the RAWR lot shown on the attached map. You may not park on Simmons Avenue, Crouch Street, Main Street, or at the Tax Annex.